"As a result of the Maglabs Enterprise DAM solution, our brand assets are easily accessible and it ensures the DNA of the Costa Coffee brand is maintained globally."

Managing brand assets globally

MagLabs created the Costa Resource Centre (CRC) that co-ordinates brand assets, communications, audits and transactions globally across 3,000 stores in 40 countries.

The CRC was developed to support Costa Coffee’s ambition to continue to grow on a global scale while maintaining controlling brand consistency and content distribution.  It contains the latest campaign materials, store design information, operational guideline manuals and fresh menu ideas and so much more. Built using responsive design, the CRC also manages key activities ranging from video streaming of training materials and supply chain order processing, to hour-by-hour tracking and auditing of franchise store revenues around the world, whilst simultaneously communicating to their global finance system.

24/7 Support:

A dedicated Maglabs customer service team supports the CRC.